Our Objectives and Mission

ISMAUK is a registered charity with a multi-disciplinary professional membership that includes the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It exists to promote sound knowledge and best practice in the prevention and reduction of human stress. It sets professional standards for the benefit of individuals and organisations using the services of its members.

Our Objectives

As an organisation, ISMAUK exists to advance the education of the public in the field of biological stress.

The work of ISMAUK and its membership includes providing advice to members of the public and employers/organisations, and includes supporting the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the delivery of their requirements for Stress Risk Assessment and the implementation of the HSE Management Standards.

National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD) is run on the first Wednesday of November each year and involves ISMAUK members, the general public and participating organisations in developing an awareness of Stress and how it can be managed.  Although NSAD is a specific date, the activities continue over several months.

In order to support this high level of activity, in addition to income from its membership, we rely heavily on the goodwill and patronage of our many partners and sponsors. For more information about coping with stress please see our Useful Links page.