National Stress Awareness Day 2016

NSAD 16 website bannerWednesday 2nd November 2016

As founder of National Stress Awareness Day in 1999, it is my great pleasure and honour to be invited back to ISMA to take up the position of Chair once again and I am really excited to be back on board spearheading our next stress awareness day.

National Stress Awareness Day 2015 was one of our most successful yet, with over 121,000 comments on Twitter and social media being flooded with information and recognition of stress both in the UK and overseas.

Many of our practitioners organised events throughout the UK and have reported back on their success, so a shout out to all of you and a BIG ‘well done’ for all those countless people who took the opportunity to get involved.

You Too Can Get Involved

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This event is great for raising the profile of stress and if you are new to ISMA, National Stress Awareness Day is our annual flagship annual event, bringing publicity for stress and wellbeing to individuals and organisations.  It is an opportunity for our members to showcase their skills and start dialogue with local companies and individuals about the services that they offer.

NSAD 2016

The theme of our next event will be publicised very shortly and if you are looking to be involved in any way whether that be for raising the profile of your business or looking for sponsorship opportunities, then do get in touch with me personally as I would love to hear from you.

Here’s to National Stress Awareness Day 2016!

This is your opportunity to come board.


Carole Spiers

Carole Spiers                                                     Founder National Stress Awareness Day [NSAD] Chair ISMAUK

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