National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD)

National Stress Awareness Day LogoStress Management has never been more relevant than it is today.  According to recent research by Insurance Company AXA, stress levels have doubled in 4 years.
There are numerous solutions available to help people manage Stress levels and ISMAUK‘s National Stress Awareness Day is the ideal opportunity to get involved.
Resources and news of events will be constantly updated and the latest news, for NSAD, can always be found on the ISMA home page.

Members – Register your interest

Simply download and complete this form (NSAD- Member registration form 2014) and then email it to the Administration office.

How to Donate/Sponsor

ISMAUK is a not-for-profit organisation and runs events such as NSAD thanks to a team of devoted volunteer Members and Associate Members.
If you host an event for National Stress Awareness Day, you don’t have to pay anything, but donations are most welcome. Please use the button on the left to make your donation.

Running an Event for NSAD?

If you would like some guidance on running an event, you can download a leaflet here.
You can find more information and FREE leaflets to download here.
Please adhere to ISMAUK‘s conditions for using the NSAD logo. You can download the relevant information here.

And please do let us know about your event.