ISMAUK is the leading professional body representing a multi-disciplinary professional health and well-being membership in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and with members in several countries across the EU and the world. As a member of ISMAUK you will be recognised for your interest in promoting sound knowledge and best practice in the prevention and reduction of human stress.

Membership Overview

There are two entry level memberships available to individuals and a Corporate membership for organisations.

•    Individuals – Associate or Member
•    Corporate – for organisations that actively seek to develop a culture of optimum workplace Wellbeing and Performance.

Corporate members must adopt the ISMAUK Charter for Wellbeing and Performance, which is ISMAᵁᴷ’s key framework document and either

•    provide services to other businesses/individuals  or
•    actively promote the implementation of the Charter in the workplace.

General Notes

  • Fees are subject to annual review and run for the year from 1 February to 31 January.
    There is a one-off administration charge of £30 payable at the point of first joining ISMAᵁᴷ
  • To join the applicant will need to demonstrate qualifications to the appropriate level

How to Apply

Please contact us at for an application

Membership Categories for Individuals

1.    Associate of ISMAᵁᴷ (non-voting)

Joining criteria

  • open to anyone with a personal or professional interest in the field
  • students wishing to support their professional development and who are not yet qualified to apply for full membership
  • one reference required


  • Entitled to use ISMAᵁᴷ  Associate Logo
  • Access to resources on website
  • Eligible to contribute to National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD) our annual charitable event
  • networking & professional development opportunities

Annual Fee: £60

2.    ISMAᵁᴷ Member

Qualifying criteria


  • ISMAᵁᴷ ’s Practice Certificate – a highly credible way to demonstrate your professional competence to clients
  • Entitled to use MISMAᵁᴷ  designated letters and logo
  • Full voting rights
  • Free complimentary listing on ISMAᵁᴷ  register of practitioners
  • Eligible to promote and sell products via the ISMAᵁᴷ  online shop (subject to approval of products)
  • Eligible to use the ISMAᵁᴷ ’s Accreditation Service
  • Full access to resources on website via members’ area
  • 10% discount on the ISMAᵁᴷ  annual conference and other selected ISMAᵁᴷ  events
  • Eligible to fully participate in our annual event National Stress Awareness Day
  • professional networking, development and referral opportunities

Annual Fee: £90

Corporate Membership

Joining criteria

  • Any business or organisation that adopts the ISMAUK Charter
  • Annual confirmation of a commitment to professional organisational development to support the Standards set out in The Charter.


  • Entitled to use the ISMAᵁᴷ  logo
  • Full Access to resources on website via members’ area
  • Eligible to apply for course Accreditation from ISMAᵁᴷ

Fee Structure:

  • Micro (2 – 5 employees) – £180 Annual Fee
  • Small (6 – 25 employees) – £240 Annual Fee
  • Medium (26 – 250 employees) – £300 Annual Fee
  • Large (251 – 500 employees) – £420 Annual Fee
  • Enterprises (501+ employees) – £720 Annual Fee

Please CONTACT our administrative office for more information and an application.